Thursday, November 6, 2008


I've been asked recently about types of fusing to use when making up a jacket. I would recommend woven fusing. It works great on jackets or anywhere else for that matter.

Area's you would fuse are entire front, no matter what type of fabric, back shoulder and underarm, all hems including sleeve and jacket hems, collars, lapels, facings, any pocket flaps, jets or welts. The fusing should extend over the foldline by at least 1cm to avoid any stress on the foldline.

And just remember when making pattern pieces for fusing it's good idea to trim some off to avoid a lot of thickness in the seams when sewing pieces together and it also helps the seams to remain flat.

The home dress maker would probably have other methods of fusing garments, the above methods are used mainly in manufacturing. But it's also a good method for anyone sewing at home.