Friday, March 7, 2008

Size:10 Body Measurements

I've been so busy working that I haven't had much time to post, I'll eventually get around to it. Anyhow, I just thought I'd post some measurements for anyone looking for some measurments to make patterns or just curious.. I will list what I consider to be a good Size 10 measurements. Do keep in mind that every country has different measurments and even within Australia from manufacturer to manufacturer these measurments can vary. These measurments may vary due to the clientele of the company, for example a company manufacturing clothing for young women from age 18-25 sizes: 6-14 will have smaller measurments than a company doing clothing for women aged 25-40 sizes: 6 - 14 and so on. So measurements can make a difference even within the same size range. I'm just going to list what I think is a good size: 10 which can be suited to any one, in my opinion. These measurements are body measurements with no ease added.

Size: 10 Body Measurements

Across shoulder 39cm
Across Front 33cm
Across Back 35.5cm
Neck Width 15cm
Neck Circumference 36cm
Shoulder length 13cm
Sleeve length from CB Neck 78cm
Arm Length from shoulder point 58.5cm
Underarm 46cm
Centre Back Nape to waist 41cm
Side neck to waist at Front 43cm
Inleg to ground 80cm
Outleg to ground 106.5cm
Front crotch 30cm
Back crotch 38cm
Bust separation 20cm
Side neck to bust 26cm
Waist to hip 20cm
Body rise 26.5cm
Bust 91cm
Waist 69cm
Hip 96cm
Thigh 58cm
Knee 36cm
Wrist 16cm
Ankle 24cm
Armhole circumference 40cm
Upper arm girth 29cm
Elbow 26cm
Calf 35cm
Chest 88cm


Sarah said...

Thank you for starting this blog, I love the information you are posting, fantastic and helpul knowledge. Can you reccommend a good, well written patternmaking book as a reference?

Keep up the good work!


Hi Sarah and thanks so much for your comments. I would recommend "PatternMaking for fashion design" by Helen Joseph Armstrong. It's an excellent book
packed with so much information and it's easy to understand. I bought the book back when I was studying fashion design at school and over the years have refered to it on many occasions.

modagirl1983 said...


I would like to know where can I find the measurmnets for sizes from 2 to 14? US SIZES.

Let me know

Fashion Design Course said...

This is not an article specifically on clothing measurements that you see in clothing stores but instead important measurements that are used when drafting patterns for the body. This article lists a few notes on body measurements.