Saturday, May 31, 2008

Start up companies

I've been flat out working freelancing at companies and also working from home doing many patterns for aspiring Fashion Designers. I applaud these new Designers for having the courage and determination to try out in this competitive world of Fashion. I receive many calls per week from young women and men who want to start up a fashion label asking for my opinion from where do I start, do I have any contacts and who can I recommend, etc.

Having worked in the Fashion business I guess if I was to start up a label it would be easier for me as I would know my way around the business of Fashion. I wouldn't have as many costs as someone who has no experience or skills in Fashion as I am able to Design, do patterns, grading and production and I know the procedure from a sketch to finished product.. But for those that don't know anything about the fashion world it can come to quite a shock to find out the costs involved in just producing a few items of clothing and the time and effort it takes to release a range.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a book and a directory that would save the aspiring Designer all the leg work and frustration of having to source everything from beginning to end? Of course it would then it would make life much easier. A book on How to start a Fashion Label with all the instructions on how to go about it and where to source everything from pattern makers to manufacturers and everything in between.

Stay tuned as I am writing a book on "How to start a Fashion Label" with instructions and a directory of everything from pattern makers, fabric wholesalers, local and offshore manufacturers, etc.

If any business would like to be listed in this directory please contact me at

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Fantastic! I will definitely be very keen to see buy this.
Good Luck.