Sunday, February 10, 2008

Taking Measurements

The first step in making a pattern is to take accurate measurments. There are many methods of taking measurements but the following method I find is quite accurate and detailed.
First of all take all measurements closely but not lightly.

All vertical measurements should be taken on one side only

Measure the figure over the undergarments to be worn beneath the finished garment.All horizontal measurements should be taken with the tape measure parallel to the floor except in the case of the chest measurement when it finds its own according to the figure.


1. Bust - Around the fullest part of the bust, ensuring tape measure does not slip down at the back.

2. Waist - Around natural waist line. ( It's a good idea to tie something around the waist and use this as a guide)

3. Hips - Around fullest part of the hips, generally over the bottom approx 20cm below the waist( 20cm is considered the standard measurement, but will vary from person to person)

4. Upper Hips - Around hip bones, approx 10cm below waist line

5. Back Length - From nape (back of neck) to waist line.

6. Front Length - From base of throat to natural waist line

7. Back width - From armhole to armhole about halfway down the armhole straight across

8. Chest - Around body, above bust and under arms

9. High chest - From armhole to armhole at the front approx 10cm below base of throat

10. Shoulder - From neck point to point at which arm begins and shoulder finishes

11. Scye Depth - From nape, down Centre back to lowest level of armhole

12. Scye Circumference - Around armhole, whilst arm is in normal position.


13. Neck to wrist - From side of neck, along shoulder, down the arm to wrist, make sure you allow the tape measure to follow the natural curve of the arm.

14. Under arm length - From underarm to wrist

15. Bicep - Around widest part of upper arm, high under the armpit

16. Wrist - Around widest part of the wrist.

17. Hand width - Around widest part of hand ( this measurement enables the cutter to make the wrist of the sleeve wide enough to pass over the hand if there is to be no opening.

18. Elbow width - Around elbow with arm bent


(Waist and hip measurements are required as well as the following measurements)

19. Waist to knee length - From waist line down centre front to knee level

20. Waist to ankle length - From waist line down centre front to ankle level.

21. Skirt length - From waist line to length of skirt required.


(Waist and hip measurments are required as well as the following measurements)

22. Body rise - From waist line, down to seat of chair, over contour of hips, the person should be seated on a solid and upright seat.

23. Inside leg length - Down from crutch to level of outside ankle bone

24. Outside leg length - Down from waist, over hips to ankle bone. The actual length of trousers will vary depending on fashion trends, the inside and outside leg measurements are only a guide and these measurements can be varied for any design required.

Please look at the following picture below with all the reference points.

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