Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Advice

Yesterday I received an email from a Freelance Pattern Maker from Europe asking me for my advice on "How to find company's to work for". I can only say that when I started freelancing I was actually working full time and a colleague of mine who was freelancing asked me if I could help her out as she had too much work. She put me in touch with this company and from there I started my business freelancing. I must say that most of the work that I did receive was via word of mouth, which is probably the best advertising that you can get and it's free!

If you want to advertise for work the best place is in trade magazines such as Ragtrader which is the most widely read trade magazine. Rates are not cheap but it may be worth it if you intend on freelancing as a business. And it's also a good idea to network and get to know alot of people in the industry. Professional business cards are also a good idea or get your name out there by writing to company's directly telling them about your services.

Use the internet to advertise on seach engines or get your own website outlining your services and experience.

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